Text 31 Aug We Want You!!!

Download the ‘HONEY’ audio from the Soundcloud links below (Click the down-pointing arrow)… and show us your best solo (any instrument) or air guitar performance.

Film yourself doing your own take of the solo (any instrument) with this audio..
Papa Vs Pretty - Honey (Ready For Your Take On The Solo) by Peace and Riot

or.. Film yourself doing your best air guitar performance with this audio..

Papa Vs Pretty - Honey (Ready For Air Guitar) by Peace and Riot

Be a champion like these guys in the video..


We’ve also asked some of our friends to help out too!

Here’s The Doctor:

And our good mate Lach from Last Dinosaurs!

After you’ve filmed yourself.. upload your BEST take to youtube / vimeo and email the link¬†through to: mark@theinsoundfromwayout.com
we’ve got a brand new Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar to give away to our favourite performer too!


So repost this, reblog it, spread the word and let the challenge begin… GOOD TIMES!!

<3 pvp

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